LAND (Land stewards AND artists) is a partnership of arts organisations exploring new ways for environmental organisations and artists to work together.

Wildstilleven (March 2019)

Collectief Walden

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LAND was a 2 year Creative Europe cooperation project, focussed on bringing the arts and rural landscapes together, in order to achieve our key goals:

  • PRODUCE stronger inter-connected relationships
  • ENGAGE audiences with artistic work in the rural landscape
  • EXCHANGE knowledge, skills and learnings in this specialist field of work

LAND “offered” the landscape as a field of experimentation in the hope of reuniting what is often seen as disunited or separate; humanity and its environment, art and nature, science and experience.  

LAND created ‘a sustainable and interdependent relationship between the arts and land stewardship based on creative partnerships that have the confidence to experiment and innovate’. (Howard Davies, National Association of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, UK)


LAND was delivered by four landscape arts festivals: Oerol (NL), Activate Performing Arts (UK), Le Citron Jaune (FR) and Artpolis / PLACCC (HU).