LAND our vision

LAND’s vision is to create a distinctive collaboration between artists, producers, land stewards and environmental organisations, to explore our relationship with rural landscapes, the science and the heritage, through the medium of art while taking account of major environmental issues. 

LAND is led by Oerol Festival (Netherlands) alongside partners Activate Performing Arts, (United Kingdom), Le Citron Jaune (France) and Artopolis / PLACCC Festival (Hungary), as a transnational cooperation project supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

LAND partners share a common interest in the specialist area of working in the rural landscape connecting environmental organisations and artists, animating landscapes and creating possibilities for mindful meeting and interaction.

LAND incorporates an extensive programme of activity with three core aims:

PRODUCE:  strengthen the relationship between partners, artists and land stewards in the creation and production of artistic work in the landscape

ENGAGE: focus on each locality to encourage engagement with artist work in the landscape, targeting young people

EXCHANGE:  develop the professional skills and abilities of partners and land stewards in the understanding of this specialist field of work

LAND offers additional outcomes and benefits:

  • rural landscapes animated through art attracting audiences to experience it in a new way;
  • a stronger cohort of artists working in the landscape benefiting from new European markets;
  • a connected European network of arts organisations, land stewards and artists;
  • academic institutions developing distinctive work supporting this practice in the industry.

LAND project results, outcomes and responses will be shared as we finalise the project over the coming months.  To find out more go to EXCHANGE