Remnant Ecologies (May 2019)

Jony Easterby

Photo by Guillaume Peyre

The Welsh artist Jony Easterby invites us on a discovery walk in the woods of Bois François, with his poetic and sonorous installations spread throughout the undergrowth.  Nine installations form a course of about two kilometers in the heart of Bois François: a sound walk to contemplate art and nature differently! 

Remnant Ecologies included a mix of existing pieces together with new works specifically created for the Camargue during the artists residency with Le Citron Jaune, which facilitated exploration and adaptation to the local environment with land stewards Le Parc de Camargue.  As a visual artist, composer and scenographer, residencies allow him to develop his passion for the environment and skills in knowing how to adapt to each context of place and situation.  

Works with evocative names: Moonstone, Cuckoo Orchestra, Flock of Nichols, Ravens, Cicadas ... as many nods to the birds, their songs, their presence sometimes funny, sensitive or offbeat.  For this occasion, the artist worked with composer Matthew Oldenand the Drôme audio-naturalist Fernand Deroussen.

'Presenting work with Le Citron Jaune allowed me to make connections with some European partners within the field of sound recording and acoustic Ecology.' Jony Easterby

Les Envies Rhônements is a traveling festival that brings together culture, art and environment in the Rhône delta.  Produced by Le Citron Jaune,National Center for Street Art and Public Space, the festival has grown over the last 10 years, evolving in 2019 to its new programming format of events across the year and re-named to Art en Paysage (Arts in the Landscape).  The festival still retains its core desire to question the inscription of arts in the territory and to take into account the social and environmental elements of the territory. In the Camargue where ecological issues are very present, the environment has become a field of research and complementary and dynamic actions. Free demonstration, nomadic, it finds its accuracy and its singularity by crossing art and science, nature and culture.

Work title: Remnant Ecologies

Artist: Jony Easterby

Year: May 2019

Festival: Les Envies Rhônements

Country: FR

Type: Presentation / Residency