Olie (September 2018)

Collectief Walden

Photo by Westby Guest House

Combining a confronting performance and installation investigating how greed, specifically around the mining and consumption of oil, can influence, inform and damage the landscape around us.

Our economy is driven by two forces.

One of them is oil, the other greed. 

The earth contains three natural reservoirs: oil, soil and ice. These reservoirs were built over millions and millions of years into a delicate balance. A balance which is severely disturbed through our economical activities since the Industrial Revolution. 

Olie is part of a series of energy research. 100 litres of oil, 100 litres of ice and 100 litres of earth find their natural balance in half a square meter.  For Inside Out Dorset 2018, audiences experienced the creation of the installation as the initial performance that would evolve during the weekend, together with interviews between the artists and local scientists, environmental activists and farmers.

'For Collectief Walden, landscapes are our primary material, like the painter uses her paint. Moreover, analyses of places and sites deeply inform our works: they define our content. For these two reasons, the borders of the Netherlands seem arbitrary to us as limits for our range. To be able to work in a variety of landscapes with very diverse cultural and natural histories is vital to the oeuvre of Collectief Walden. Working abroad has therefore, ever since the founding of the collective, has been on our agenda. It has been practicalities that kept us almost exclusively nationally operative. We are tremendously excited about the opportunities Inside Out Dorset is offering us to expand our horizon.’  Collectief Walden

Inside Out Dorset is a festival of outdoor arts celebrating extraordinary events in extraordinary locations.   Inside Out Dorset's work outdoors is now nationally distinctive and is arguably the only place that is committed to a model that deliberately works across both urban and rural locations; chooses locations and artists based on our artistic vision and clearly offers a programme that is particular to our area.  Based in Dorset, on the south coast of the UK, the festival started in 2007 and is produced by Activate Performing Arts who have operating for 28 years as a charitable company.

Work title: Olie

Artist: Collectief Walden

Year: September 2018

Festival: Inside Out Dorset 2018

Country: UK

Type: Presentation