De Weide Wereld (September 2018)


Photo by Elliot Franks

This striking interactive installation highlights the plight of meadow birds threatened by intensive use of grassland. Through integrated audio and video systems, the audience can both literally and figuratively climb inside the head of local birdlife and experience the landscape from their unique perspective.

The project draws attention to the meadow birds that are threatened by too intensive use of the meadow landscape through making a translation of the experience of a meadow bird such as the black-tailed godwit to that of humans.

Originally commissioned by Vogelbescherming Nederland (Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds), with Oerol Festival in 2015 as part of a three year project developing artistic projects around meadow birds and bird migration.  The island of Terschelling is an important sanctuary and feeding stop on the migrational routes, yet there is tension between intensive farming, tourism consumer behaviour and bird protection.  This project examined these tensions openly through artistic installation involving the audience.

“De Weide Wereld” was brought to the UK for the Coastal Encounters programme for Inside Out Dorset festival 2018.  Situated close to Poole Harbour, an internationally recognised site of importance for bird migration, the project related directly with the local bird populations and migrations. 

'To perform at Inside Out Dorset is a great opportunity for us because we get to expand on a subject that we very much relate to: migratory meadow birds.  

We want to manifest ourselves internationally at festivals that have a place for our kind of site specific theatre and installations. After our shows in Chamarande and Les Envies Rhônements, our collaboration with Inside Out Dorset / Activate Performing Arts is the next step in the realization of our international ambition.'   Waterlanders

Inside Out Dorset is a festival of outdoor arts celebrating extraordinary events in extraordinary locations.   Inside Out Dorset's work outdoors is now nationally distinctive and is arguably the only place that is committed to a model that deliberately works across both urban and rural locations; chooses locations and artists based on our artistic vision and clearly offers a programme that is particular to our area.  Based in Dorset, on the south coast of the UK, the festival started in 2007 and is produced by Activate Performing Arts who have operating for 28 years as a charitable company.

Work title: De Weide Wereld

Artist: Waterlanders

Year: September 2018

Festival: Inside Out Dorset 2018

Country: UK

Type: Presentation